Hater by David Moody

19 Jul

Title: Hater (Hater #1)

Author: David Moody

Publisher: St. Martin’s Press 2006

Genre: Zombie

Pages: 281

Rating: 4 / 5 stars

Reading Challenges: Zombie

How I Got It: Library Loan

REMAIN CALM DO NOT PANIC TAKE SHELTER WAIT FOR FURTHER INSTRUCTIONS THE SITUATION IS UNDER CONTROL Society is rocked by a sudden increase in the number of violent assaults on individuals. Christened ‘Haters’ by the media, the attackers strike without warning, killing all who cross their path. The assaults are brutal, remorseless and extreme: within seconds, normally rational, self-controlled people become frenzied, vicious killers. There are no apparent links as a hundred random attacks become a thousand, then hundreds of thousands. Everyone, irrespective of gender, age, race or any other difference, has the potential to become a victim – or a Hater. People are afraid to go to work, afraid to leave their homes and, increasingly, afraid that at any moment their friends, even their closest family, could turn on them with ultra violent intent.  Waking up each morning, no matter how well defended, everyone must now consider the fact that by the end of the day, they might be dead.  Or perhaps worse, become a killer themselves.  As the status quo shifts, ATTACK FIRST, ASK QUESTIONS LATER becomes the order of the day…  only, the answers might be much different than what you expect….

I previously read Moody’s Autumn series and adored it.  I had wanted to check out the Hater trilogy for awhile.  Thankfully, I grabbed the first two books up from the library.  While this one doesn’t live up to Autumn, I did enjoy this unconventional zombie novel.  I was unsure of where this was going at first, but I definitely loved the turn of events.  I loved the interspersed vignettes of other “Haters.”  It added to the story beyond Danny’s own journey.  And what a cliffhanger…  My goodness I am on the edge of my seat wanting to know.  Thank goodness I have the second book, Dog Blood.
Hater trilogy
1. Hater
2. Dog Blood 
3. Them or Us 

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