Them or Us by David Moody

28 Jul

Title: Them or Us (Hater #3)

Author: David Moody

Publisher: Thomas Dunne 2011

Genre: Zombie

Pages: 368

Rating: 4 / 5 stars

Reading Challenges: Zombie

How I Got It: Library Loan

The war that has torn the human race apart is finally nearing its end. With most towns and cities now uninhabitable, and with the country in the grip of a savage nuclear winter, both Hater and Unchanged alike struggle to survive.

Hundreds of Hater fighters have settled on the East Coast in the abandoned remains of a relatively undamaged town under the command of Hinchcliffe—who’ll stop at nothing to eradicate the last few Unchanged and consolidate his position at the top of this new world order. This fledgling society is harsh and unforgiving—your place in the ranks is decided by how long and how hard you’re prepared to fight.

Danny McCoyne is the exception to the rule. His ability to hold the Hate and to use it to hunt out the remaining Unchanged has given him a unique position in Hinchcliffe’s army of fighters. As the enemy’s numbers reduce, so the pressure on McCoyne increases, until he finds himself at the very center of a pivotal confrontation, the outcome of which will have repercussions on the future of everyone who is left alive.

Great ending, but to be honest, I was pretty bored in the middle.  How many times can I say that this series just isn’t as good as Autumn?  It just isn’t.  I was so confused for most of the book.  Should I connect with Danny or with the scattered unchanged or with no one.  I was horrified with most of the actions of the people in the book.      It’s definitely a scary possible future.  One I really don’t want to live at all.

Hater trilogy
1. Hater
2. Dog Blood 
3. Them or Us 


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