Stitch Fix Tres

05 Aug


I came across Stitch Fix on Loop Looks (check her out!).  For $20 a shipment, you get a personalized style pack of five items.  Then, you try everything on and decided to keep 1, 2, 3, 4, or all 5 items.  The $20 stylist fee is credited to your purchase.  And if you buy all five items, you get an extra 25% off.  The company is currently in beta, but I was lucky enough to get an invite.

Here’s what I got this time…

Item #1: Silver loop earrings

Pros: Gorgeous. Just my style.

Cons: I don’t have pierced ears…

Item #2: Pink smock top

Pros: Love the design and color.

Cons: Short short short.  I really think you need to have a torso 3 inches shorter to wear this.

Item #3: Three collar blouse

Pros: Loved the design and the material.

Cons: Another ridiculously short shirt.

Item #4: Crochet back dress

Pros: Pretty

Cons: Couldn’t get it over my head.  Ridiculously small

Item #5: Cropped beige blazer

Pros: Loved the design.  Could be a versatile piece.

Cons: My shoulders are much too wide to fit in it.

So, what did I keep?






Nothing…  I don’t know if it’s just the pregnancy, but nothing looked good on me.  So, this was my last stitch fix until after baby comes.

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