The Sunday Salon #23

12 Aug

The Sunday

Book finished: The Wizard of Oz; The Golden Compass

ReadingNothing tonight…  gearing up for Bout of Books Readathon starting tomorrow

On the Nightstand: Bout of Books selections

Making Lists: I’ve been creating a baby registry on  I love this feature. This way people can buy us items and send them to our house in California instead of trying to ship it themselves.  I’ve got most of the essentials on the list so far.  Except the crib we want to sold at Ikea and not on Amazon.

Around the house: I’ve been really getting back into assembling puzzles this past week.  I’ve almost completed a great San Francisco one I picked up at the Exploratorium.

Pregnancy update: I had my full panel of blood tests done this week.  Usually I absolutely hate getting my blood drawn.  I’ve never had a nurse/lab technician that hit a vein on the first try.  This time I had an amazing lab tech that actually checked my arms for veins before trying.  And she hit a vein the first stick.  Plus, she stayed with me the entire time (8 vials!) and kept me calm.  She was amazing. I really want her for my next blood draw.

Crafting: I had a great summer themed Saturday class.  We made some great cards, but I didn’t get around to photographing them yet.  Just take my word for it that they are gorgeous.  I’ve also gotten into a huge scrapbooking binge.  I’m almost finished with our Disney trip last summer.

Watching: While J has been at work, I’ve been watching Stephen Fry in America.  I love hearing about America from a British perspective.  So far, I’ve watching New England, the South, the Mississippi, and the Great Plains.  I’m sure that I’ll finish the series this week.  Plus, i’ve watched a ton of Stargate and Children’s Hospital.

Wondering: Should I sign up for prenatal yoga?  I’ve been looking at ways to keep active throughout even though I haven’t felt all that great.   

From Nature: The temps have risen a bit this week.  Instead of an average of 75, we’ve had low to mid 80s.  Just a slight noticeable difference.

Shopping Scores: I went on a bit of a craft store binge.  I hit up Michaels and JoAnn Fabrics for supplies.  They didn’t really have what I specifically wanted, but I did grab a ton of clearance items.  Unfortunately their stock was really low, so I’ll have to wait on the other stuff.

Project: I’ve been going through my blog getting things set up for the rest of year.  I love having my templates ready to go when I need them.  I’ve gotten a ton of drafts ready to fill in.

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