The Sunday Salon #24

26 Aug

The Sunday

I didn’t post a Sunday Salon last week due to my ill health.  Thankfully I’m getting back on track.

Health Note: I’m finally starting to feel like myself again.  I’ve been off pain medication for almost a week now and I haven’t felt like taking any for a few days. My constant headache has abated yet it hasn’t completely left me.  Overall I have had more energy, less fatigue, and less severe mood swings.  My next goal is to get back on an exercise regiment.  My last walk about killed me, so I should start slow.  I’m thinking 15-30 minutes on the stationary bike and then adding in the elliptical/treadmill/weights/more bike.

Listening To: I’ve added 8tracks to my phone and iPad.  It’s like Pandora but people submit playlists.  I have been checking out all kinds of weird/fun sounding lists.  I only wish that I could see the entire playlist before playing…

Book finished: The Subtle Knife; The Amber Spyglass; Northanger Abbey 

ReadingMuch Ado About Nothing

On the Nightstand: Lots of Shakespeare

Making Lists: Grocery lists.  After weeks of not really eating and not feeling like cooking, we had no food in the house to make any meals.  I spent a ridiculous amount of time creating a grocery list.  Once I went, I was left with a full fridge and comically long receipt.

From the kitchen: Besides prepping for actually cooked meals for the coming week, I washed out most of the fridge.

On the Web: I got back into the habit of checking out other blogs.

Farmer’s Market Finds: Made it in time to grab some of my favorite seller’s nectarines, raspberries, and sausages for lunch.  I plan on using the nectarines and raspberries for hand pies and the rest of the nectarines for my yummy bacon, gouda, nectarine sandwiches.

Crafting: I have been a crafting maniac lately.  I reorganized by crafting stash.  I separated out all the Christmas stuff to make cards.  I scrapped a ton of pages checking the boys up with me.  I finally finished the Disney trip.  I had a great card class before my medical emergency.  Very cute things.  The last one is actually  thank you card from my Stampin’ Up demonstrator.

And I had a Christmas card themed class today. Great ideas for my own cards.

Finally I grabbed this idea from A Turtle’s Life for Me.  Originally I was going to make it for the baby’s nursery to use to record notes and feedings.  Obviously that’s not going to happen.  But I thought I would make it anyway for the boy’s room.

Watching: Children’s Hospital (way to funny and full of people); The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret; White Collar; Suits; and tons more Stargate (SG1 and Atlantis)

From Nature: It’s been a bit cooler around here lately; definitely helping my walking and sitting outside

Shopping Scores: I grabbed some more clearance items at Michael’s.  Some of them were for my mystery Christmas project.  Loving how it’s turning out.

Project: I restarted my project of prepping my blog for the rest of the year.  I want to get posts scheduled or at least templates readied.

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