Richard III by Shakespeare

28 Aug

Title: Richard III

Author: William Shakespeare

Genre: Classic Plays

Pages: 158

Rating:  4 / 5 stars

Reading Challenges: Shakespeare; Book2Movies


History or tragedy?  Even Wikipedia doesn’t know.  I am going to all it a history.  While there are definitely tragic elements, we aren’t supposed to identify with Richard.  The villainous villain of all of Shakespeare… and he’s the main character.  I can not get over it!  He does have the most amazing monologues throughout the play.  Shakespeare is known for his monologues, but these are over the top.  I especially love the scene on the battlefield after the ghosts have visited Richard.  Oh how the mighty have fallen!  Not one of my favorite plays, but a very interesting history.

1955 Movie Adaptation 

Before I say anything about the content, I must remark ont he ridiculous costumes.  they are so comical and colorful.  They look like something that belongs in Disney World.  I Just can’t get past them.  On to the content. Laurence Olivier is just amazing.  He exudes villainy and treachery.  And that wig is just perfect for the nasty king.  I was a bit unnerved at his monologues directly into the cameras.  It’s a bit odd for a movie.  It made me feel that I was part of Richard’s evil plan to get the crown.  But the performance is just right.  Last note…  I love how unrealistically people from old movies kiss.  That just looked awkward.

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