Labor Day Readathon

29 Aug

From Letters Inside Out:

Earlier I was driving and thinking “I need to do a Read-a-Thon this weekend”. I’m so behind on reading and what better way to spend my holiday weekend? Since I couldn’t find one, I decided to put on one myself.

We are going to do it nice and laid back! That’s the best way, eh?

It’s going to run Friday to Monday night (11:59pm) – Four full days of reading.

Read as much or as little as you’d like!

Then daily I’ll post an update linky – you won’t have to update daily, but some of us like to see the progress! (It helps me stay accountable. ;) )

When you are all done, return Monday at midnight to link up your final post.

Don’t have a blog? That’s fine! Link up whatever you will be updating on. (or just use my comments).

One participant will win a prize to be determined. (It’ll be INTL! And as soon as I pick something, I’ll let you know.) To be eligible for the prize for participation, you will have to do at least the starting post and finishing post.

Sounds simple enough, right?

I didn’t get to do my Bout of Books readathon this past month, so why not join another readathon?  I love that this one is only 4 days (enough to get something read, but not long enough to lose steam).  I have a great stack of books to knock out over the weekend.  While J is off on Monday, I am sure he will be busy throughout with his work and side projects.  That leaves me time to read.

TBR Pile:

  • King Lear by Shakespeare
  • This Book is Overdue
  • Haunts of San Jose
  • Liberty Defined by Ron Paul
  • Twelfth Night by Shakespeare
  • Cymbeline by Shakespeare
  • As You Like It by Shakespeare


  • Read at least three of the Shakespeare plays
  • Read at least one of the nonfiction selections
  • Write reviews for all books read
  • Read at least 10 hours
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