At the Queen’s Summons by Susan Wiggs

11 Sep

Title: At the Queen’s Summons (Tudor Rose Trilogy #3)

Author: Susn Wiggs

Publisher: Mira 2009

Genre: Historical Romance

Pages: 384

Rating:  5 / 5 stars

Reading Challenges: Romance; Mount TBR

How I Got It: I own it!

Feisty orphan Pippa de Lacey lives by wit and skill as a London street performer. But when her sharp tongue gets her into serious trouble, she throws herself upon the mercy of Irish chieftain Aidan O’Donoghue.Pippa provides a welcome diversion for Aidan as he awaits an audience with the queen, who holds his people’s fate in her hands. Amused at first, he becomes obsessed with the audacious waif who claims his patronage.Rash and impetuous, their unlikely alliance reverberates with desire and the tantalizing promise of a life each has always wanted—but never dreamed of attaining.
After reading The Maid’s Hand, I wasn’t sure about the third book.  I didn’t really like Lark and this time I wanted a good female character.  I got one!  Pippa is fun and feisty.  She’s naive but adventurous.  I loved her interactions with every single one of the other characters.  Wiggs set up a great dynamic between Pippa and Aidan.  Of course I guessed her family connections within the first chapter.  Thankfully the romantic relationship between Pippa and Aidan and the struggle between Aidan the English kept me engaged throughout.  And I love how this one brought the trilogy full circle with the prophecy from Zara and the continuation of the Tudor lineage.  Great historical romance!

Tudor Rose Trilogy:

  1. At the King’s Command (or Circle in the Water)
  2. The Maiden’s Hand (or Vows Made in Wine)
  3. At the Queen’s Summons (Dancing on Air)

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