The Sunday Salon #27

16 Sep

The Sunday

Listening To: More forgotten cds…  almost completed the upload.

Book finishedAt the Queen’s Summons; The Lost Millennium;

ReadingSlanted and Enchanted by Kaya Oakes

On the Nightstand: Ten Discoveries that Rewrote History; On Target

Making Lists: Bloggiesta to do list.  I am up to 14 items and holding steady.  I don’t think I will be adding anything else to the list.

Around the house:  Our fridge has another of its mini temper tantrums complete with crazy sounds and a drop in cooling.  The maintenance men came and did something again.  The fridge started working, but I have little faith that this won’t happen again.

From the kitchen: Nothing interesting.  I ate a ton of random leftovers and small meals.

On the Web: Found some new wonderful blogs to follow.  My Google Reader is up to 396 subscriptions!  (Number #12 on my Bloggiesta list)

Farmer’s Market Finds: See yesterday’s post for a complete rundown.

Crafting: Crafty madness this week!  I scrapped a ton catching our books up to Spring Break 2012.  I ordered the prints and am just waiting for the delivery.  Plus I completed a crap ton of bookmarks for giveaways and friends.

Watching: We finished Stargate Atlantis S4 and started S5.  Plus I caught up on Grimm.  I grabbed Gossip Girl S3 and S4 from the library.

Wondering: When this cold will go away?  It’s been a week I’m over it!

Shopping Scores: I got a deal on prints from Walgreens and I went on a bit of Michael’s crafting supply spree.  I got a ton of supplies and items for Christmas gifts.  I traveled over to Old Navy and finally bought some new jeans that fit.

Project: Crafting, crafting, and more crafting 

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