The Sunday Salon #28

23 Sep

The Sunday

Last night, J left for Romania for a two week work trip.  (Part of the engineering team is in Cludj.)  So I am all alone for two weeks with not much to do.  I plan on reading a ton, applying for more jobs, do some crafting, and possibly go in to the city for a visit/exploring…  I’m really going to miss him.

Listening To: Rediscovering some cds.  My current faves are Relient K and Flogging Molly.  And I snatched the new Lumineers record from iTunes.  I love it!

Book finishedSlanted and Enchanted, Ten Discoveries that Rewrote History, On Target, Elisabeth Vigee Le Brun

ReadingHarry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

On the Nightstand: Historical fiction and fairy tales…  and zombies are lurking in the back for the FrightFall Readathon October 1-7.  And I’m heading off to the library book sale to see if I can find any elusive titles and possibly gifts for the boys…  It’s Sunday which means $5 bag sale!

Making Lists: Bloggiesta to dos and craft projects.  My Bloggiesta list is currently static (thank goodness).  I’m just waiting for Friday to dive in and get some things dones.

Around the house: After our fridge temper tantrums this past month, I really didn’t need anything else to go wrong.  But of course it did.  We woke up on Sunday to a a dripping ceiling…  A bubble was forming in the ceiling.  I contacted the office who said they would page maintenance.  The guy from upstairs informed me that his sink was leaking, but he hadn’t noticed until now.  I assume they fixed his sink as our ceiling stopped dripping.  But they never came to fix our ceiling, so we have a bubble that I hope isn’t filled with water.  Argh!  Just one more problem. Thank goodness we don’t own this place.

From the kitchen: I’ve been so lazy this week.  I made a giant pot of spaghetti and ate it most nights for dinner.  Blah!  I did make some scrumptious brownies for a pot luck last night.  According to the people at the party, they were a hit!

On the Web: I’m trying to get my GoogleReader unread down to 0, but it just keeps creeping back up.  And I don’t even read every post.  A clean-out of subscriptions is on the Bloggiesta list.

Crafting: I had two (yes two!) card classes this week.  Fun times!  Monday’s class was all about fall cards.

Saturday’s class was Christmas cards.  I especially love the gift card holder idea.  I will have to keep that in mind for the holiday season…

Plus, I finished the spring break family album.  That was a ton of pages.  Now I need to order a few more prints to start the boys’ spring break pages.  My next event/project is our move west.  We drove from Nebraska to California stopping in some crazy places.  Of course I have a ton of pictures to help me remember.

Watching: We finished Stargate Atlantis (really going to miss that show) and started Stargate Universe.  The change in tone is really something to get used to.  Universe is much darker and serious.  J says that they tried to copy Battlestar Galactica…  (I haven’t watched that one yet, so don’t know).  So far, I’m liking it, it’s just a different show than the other two Stargate series.  I also plowed through Gossip Girl S3 and started S4.  It’s my guilty pleasure show.  Unfortunately Netflix or the library doesn’t have S5.  I may have to wait.

Shopping Scores: My Amazon music trade-in went through so I now have a credit in my account.  I’m resisting the urge to spend to all now.  But I did buy a copy of Blackout by Mira Grant so I can read the Newsflesh trilogy during the FrightFall Readathon.

Project: Scrapbooking?  I really getting back into the rhythm and want to get mostly up to date.  One season behind is my goal.  I’m almost there…

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