Bloggiesta Day #1 Update

28 Sep

What I did today:

  • Updated my Music Monday spreadsheet — So I don’t repeat songs, I’m trying to keep track.  Once I finish  my 101 favorites list, I want to highlight some artists/songs that I haven’t featured yet.
  • Transferred paper TBR to spreadsheet — Now I have my entire crazy ass long TBR list in a spreadsheet that’s easily organizable.  That was quite a project, but I’m glad it’s all done.
  • Added TBR spreadsheets to GR shelves — Well, this is mostly done.  I got most of the likely TBR books in GR and ready to be added to the currently reading shelf.
  • Cleaned up the right hand column — Updated a few of the percentages and challenges (especially the perpetual challenges).
  • Recheck the reading challenge spreadsheet/update posts and right column — Everything should be updated and ready.
  • Updated most of the pages: About, Inspirational quotes, review policy, thankfuls, reading challenges.  I also deleted the projects I love page as it was hopelessly outdated.  I still need to update the Blogs I Love.
  • Updated DZP — Finished updating the page on my blog and the projects site.
  • Added series to book reviews with links to my reviews — This took awhile, but I finally finished.  Now I just have to remember doing this for future reviews.

I am amazed that I got through this many points today.  Granted they were probably the easiest and quickest points on the master list.  Now on to the harder/more involved points.  I decided to add some of my mini challenges to my update posts to make them easier.

Organization and Scheduling Posts from On a Book Bender

After some tinkering and tryouts, I think I’ve finally landed on a weekly blog schedule:

  • Monday — Music Monday
  • Tuesday — Top Ten Tuesday
  • Wednesday — Quote Wednesday
  • Thursday — Thankful Thursday (sometimes)
  • Friday — *open*
  • Saturday — *open*
  • Sunday — Sunday Salon

Reviews get posted whenever I finish them.  Life posts and random nonsense get posted whenever, but I love to use some of those to fill in the open Friday and Saturday slots.  This has helped me keep myself on track.  I don’t ever have a week where nothing is posted.  I like the stability of a weekly routine.

I learned a while back that I needed to keep a running calendar for all my posts.  While I do like using digital calendars for appointments, classes, etc, I can’t use them for blog posts.  For those, I actually write out the days of the month in a notebook.  Then I add all drafts/routine posts.  When a draft is in WP, it gets one half of an X.  When I finish a post, it gets the full X.  At a glane I can see what I’ve done and what I need to finish.  It also helps me space out nonroutine posts instead of accidentally bunching three posts on one day.  My crazy notebook looks something like this:

Note the crazy scribbles and nonsense in there.  The highlighted are posts that need to be finished for this week.  It doesn’t usually look like this, but sometimes…  I’ve also added templates for my routine posts.  I have templates for:

  • Book reviews
  • Monthly wrap-up posts
  • Top Ten Tuesday posts
  • Music Mondays
  • Sunday Salon

These have helped me so much stay consistant.  I love organization, when I can keep on top of everything…

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One response to “Bloggiesta Day #1 Update

  1. joyweesemoll

    September 29, 2012 at 9:02 am

    Wow! You’re getting a lot done! Good job.


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