Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows by J.K. Rowling — Part 1

28 Sep

Because there are two movies, I tend to think about this book in two parts.  So I am splitting my review into two parts corresponding with the break in movies.  Part 1 covers pages 1-502 of the hardcover edition.

Title: Harry Potter and the Deadly Hallows

Author: J.K. Rowling

Publisher: Scholastic 2007

Genre: Young Adult Fantasy

Pages: 759

Rating:   5 / 5 stars

Reading Challenges: HP

How I Got It: Own it! (in pretty hardcover no less)

This one is a reread for me.  It’s been awhile since I read the series.  I remember reading the first couple of books out loud to the boys when they were infants.  SO that’s what, eight years ago?  I read the last few books as they came out, but overall it’s been awhile.

Instead of doing a traditional review, I thought I would just give you some of my reread thoughts.  Things I noticed, things I loved, quotes I like, etc.  And then I will have a mini review of movie vs. book.

Book fun:

Favorite scenes:

  • Goodbye scene with the Dursleys — It’s bittersweet.  You want to hate the Dursleys for how they treated Harry and yet I love how Dudley finally says something.  And I screamed at Petunia to say something comforting…
  • Bill and Fleur’s wedding — I love the descriptions and seeing all the Weasley’s together (expect for Percy of course).
  • Bathilda Bagshot and Godric’s Hollow — I know what’s coming but this scene still scares the crap out of me.  Maybe it’s the dead body, maybe it’s the snake.  All I know is it is extra extra creepy.

Favorite character(s):

  • Kreacher — Bet you weren’t expecting that one…  I really love how he begrudgingly but finally accepts Harry as his master.  Plus his sneakiness comes in handy when they are trying to find the locket.
  • Ron — He leaves, he’s a git, but he redeems himself by destroying the Horcrux and trying to get on Hermione’s good side throughout most of the book.

Other odds and ends:

  • I cried over Hedwig and downright bawled over Dobby.  I cried for them more than I did when Dumbledore died.  Plus I got a bit verklempt with George’s injury.
  • I detest Scrimgeour with a passion.  Ugh!  So not sorry when he dies.
  • I love the description of Luna’s bedroom with the painting of her friends.  She is always one of my favorite characters.
Favorite quotes: 
“He looked away, trying not to betray the resentment he felt.  There is was again: Choose what to believe.  He wanted the truth.  Why was everybody so determined that he should not get it?” (pg. 185) — When Harry learns of Rita Skeeter’s book.  He has to get over these selfish thoughts to see the truth later on…
Movie fun Part 1
My favorite scenes:
  • Big chase scene with the 7 Harrys — It’s different than the book but with the same adrenaline rush and danger.
  • Bathilda Bagshot and Godric’s Hollow — Creepiest scene ever.  I jumped in the theater when Nagini is revealed.  I jumped again in my home when I knew exactly how it was going to happen.  Creepy creepy!
  • Favorite hands-down: The Tale of the Three Brothers — I loved loved loved the animation and the creepy shadow figures.  It fits perfectly with the story and set-up.
Things I wished to see, but didn’t:
  • More Lupin and Tonks.  The movie cryptically alludes to Tonks’ pregnancy, but it’s mostly left out.  Pretty big deal in the books.
  • Something with Dumbledore and his family.  I like that side story in the books and yet no mention in the movies.
  • Wormtail death.  Stunning him in the cell just seems to let him off easily.  I would have felt more complete with his death.
Other odds and ends:
  • I liked the change in opening to Rufus Scrimgeour’s statement about the Ministry.  While it is untrue, I like the foreshadowing and foreboding it creates.  The same is true for Hermione, Ron, and Harry’s saying goodbye to their “homes.”
  • Fleur’s dress is just gorgeous.  I really wanted to see more of it.
  • I like how they folded visions from Voldemort into some backstory for those nonrabid fans.
Harry Potter:


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