Bloggiesta Day #3 Update — It’s Over!

01 Oct

What I did today:

  • Cleaned out my Google Reader — I had over 700 posts to get through.  I skimmed through many posts and cleaned out some of the subscriptions.  I feel so much cleaner.
  • Prepped quote wednesday/top ten tuesday posts for next six months — Well, it’s half down.  I have the templates ready and scheduled through March.  Now I just need to add the content.

Unfortunately I didn’t get everything on my list completed.  But I think I made some great headway on my goals.  10/14 done!  I plan on continuing with my goals throughout this next week.  Overall I didn’t really engage in mini challenges or connect with other bloggers, but I did like the opportunity to focus on my blog.

My goal list (even if it’s a bit ambitious):

  1. Clean up various pages (About; Quotes; Blogs; Review Policy; Thankfuls; RCs) √
  2. Clean up right hand column √
  3. Prep templates/posts through December
  4. Recheck reading challenge spreadsheet/update posts and right column √
  5. Update Day Zero Project (page and actual website) √
  6. Clean out GoogleReader √
  7. Connect with other bloggers
  8. Make review templates for books in TBR piles
  9. Get books prepped for giveaway (October 5th…)
  10. Prep quote wednesday/top ten tuesday posts for next six months √
  11. Update Music Monday spreadsheet √
  12. Add series to book reviews with links to my reviews √
  13. Transfer over paper TBR list to spreadsheet √
  14. Add TBR spreadsheets to GR shelves √

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