The Sunday Salon #31

14 Oct

The Sunday

Listening To: Lots of Mumford, Florence, and The Lumineers.  Basically this has been my soundtrack for the last few weeks.

Book finishedFeed and Deadline by Mira Grant

Reading: Blackout by Mira Grant (to finish my 24 zombie books challenge!)

On the Nightstand: Fairy tale books (I really want to push these through to finish the challenge)

Making Lists: Kitchen crap… I am trying to systematically clean out our cabinets by eating everything in them (don’t be scared, not at one time).  As such, I am trying to not buy a ton of new food.  So no grocery lists…  it’s killing me…

Crafting: Absolutely nothing.  I have been a bit distracted by headaches and tv shows.  I just didn’t get around to being inspired and crafting.

Watching: Finished Life Unexpected S2.  J and I finally caught up with a ton of currently airing shows.  My goodness that was a ton of shows, but good things.  Plus we watched a ton of movies.

Project: I started tutoring, but realized that my U.S. History folders were in shambles.  First, I had to rip apart my curriculum boxes.  Even then things are not where they should be.  So, I’ve been trying to put things back together in order.  I also didn’t complete my process of consolidating notes into one document before everything was packed.  I’m slowly working through those.  I spent 3 hours at the coffeehouse on Friday.  I didn’t even finish Chapter 4, but I got really really close.  This isn’t going to be a quick project, but it really needs to be done.  Especially if I keep tutoring.

Picture: A picture of the weather this week.  We’ve had cloudy skies, cooler temps, and even some rain.  It made me a bit homesick for the midwest.  Although I am looking forward to this week’s return to sunny skies and 70 degree weather.

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