The Sunday Salon #32

28 Oct

The Sunday

Listening To: I’ve made it to the Js in my review all the music we own.  Who knew there were so many J’s in our account?  Slowly slowly.  I did rediscover my love of Jimmy Eat World, especially Bleed American.

Book finishedBlackout, The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks, The Princess and the Hound, The Princess and the Bear

Reading: Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson

On the Nightstand: Girl from Junchow and Jewel of St. Petersburg by Kate Furnivall

Making Lists: Crafting projects.  I have tried to make a list of great crafting projects that I want to complete in the next few months.  Lots of great ideas!

On the Web: More and more GoogleReader posts.  I’ve found some great new non-book blogs to follow.  Too many cute project ideas and recipes!

Crafting: I continued with scrapbooking Spring Break.  It’s the project that never seems to end.  I still have at least 6 spreads for each kid’s scrapbook.  Eventually I will finish this.

Last Tuesday’s class: Fall Holiday projects.  If I still had a classroom, I would love to make these turkeys for students.  A perfect inexpensive but creative gift.  I like the tags, but won’t be buying them this year.  But my favorite has to be the Halloween card.  I love the idea of four different patterned papares as a background.  Too cute!

Sunday’s class: Stationary set.  This is such an easy and cute gift idea.  After whipping this out in no time, I decided that I needed to make more of these with some of my own supplies.

Wednesday’s meet and greet: Individual projects.  I made a set of Thanksgiving cards and started on some stationary sets.

Watching: We completely finished Sanctuary after watching the series off and on for years.  On the old show front, I watched The West Wing S2-S3 and Gossip Girl S5.  J got me hooked on Reaper, love it!  Plus we caught up on a ton of currently airing shows and started a few newer ones (Up All Night, Arrow, Comic Book Men)

From Nature: It’s been two weeks of up and down temperatures.  Rain has come and gone.  Sun has come and gone.  The weather reminds me a bit of the midwest.  Although the falling leaves contrast greatly with 80 degree temperatures.  Weird feeling.

Shopping Scores: I went a little shop crazy these past two weeks.  After trolling the local outlet mall, I only ended up buying five pieces.  The first two are from Banana Republic.  I must say that I’m really coming to love Banana Republic.  While I don’t have many places to wear BR clothing, they do have more causal pieces available than I thought they did.  The second piece is a great blue color (can’t tell from the picture).  The other three pieces are from Target, my store for everything.  The last one is a dress that I had been eyeing for awhile.  But I just didn’t want to pay full price.  It happened to be on clearance and I had to snap up the last large.  The dress is really flattering and cute.  I can’t wait to wear it.

I went shopping in Palo Alto with a friend on Thursday.  I didn’t pick anything up for myself, but I did get the boys four long sleeved shirts from the Gap.  Four shirts for $18, so exciting!  I also grabbed four cupcakes from Sprinkles: mocha, dark chocolate, smore, and lemon.  Yummy yummy!

Project: I started three large projects these past two weeks.  I kept going with my US History note consolidation.  I finished Chapter 5 this week and started trying to organize the Civil War chapters.  Unfortunately the Civil War folders are just out of control.  Slowly. slowly I’m getting through them.  I also continued my crazy apartment wide reduction.  I’m working on the office right now.  Getting there…  Finally I tried to reorganize my craft supplies.  I think it is a bit out of control.

Picture: Fun day out with Max and Melissa.  Here’s Max fascinated by the fountains.

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