The Sunday Salon #34

11 Nov

The Sunday

Listening To: I made it all the way through our music.  I’ve narrowed the list down to ~350 songs, which need to be narrowed to 101 songs.  This is the really hard part.  But I did update my iTunes account with music to take with me (and updated the iPod).  So I will have some great music to listen to next week while traveling.

Book finishedThe Goose Girl, The Girl from Junchow, and Jane Eyre

ReadingThe Jewel of St. Petersburg by Kate Furnivall

On the Nightstand: Some Shakespeare, Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?, The Magician King

Making Lists: Final vacation packing lists.  Getting ready to throw everything in my luggage.

Around the house: I finished organizing my craft stash and cleared a ton of room.  Very proud of myself.

From the kitchen: I made some yummy chili using random canned goods from the pantry.  It turned out lovely and just in time for slightly cooler temps.  I even made enough to throw a container of it into the freezer for next week or after I get back from vacation.  I also made a batch of salsa beef for tacos (extra spicy) for multiple meals.

Crafting: I finally finished the spring break scrapbook pages.  I felt like that task would never end, but thankfully they’re completed.  Now I need to order prints of the journey west to start that section.  I also finished the stationary sets that are traveling to Indiana to sell.  I especially love the owls!  I may just have to keep one of those for myself.

Saturday morning we had a great little class making four all occasion cards.  I especially love the flowers with the little dots of red glitter.  So cute!

Watching: This past week we finished The West Wing S3 and Stargate Universe S1.  I started Weeds S8.  Plus, we watched a ton of newer movies.  My favorite was Safety Not Guaranteed.

Wondering: How do I stuff all of these things into my suitcase?  This is going to get interesting…

From Nature: The cooler temps and partly cloudy days got me in the mood for chili and coffee.  Yummy!

Shopping Scores: I finally found a corner rounder and smaller scoring board for cheap on Amazon!  Much needed crafting tools.

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