Book of Lists (I’m Late per Usual)

04 Dec

I ran across this idea on At Random, I followed her links to Kapachino’s original post:

Because I’m suuuper original I’m calling it the Book of Lists because that is essentially what it will be. Just get yourself a book – make a minibook out of chipboard and binder rings like I did or grab a blank journal, a spiral notebook, scrapbook, anything of the sort – make sure it has some empty pages, and you’re ready to go.

Every month there will be a topic for a list, and the object is to craft it on a blank page, take a photo of your list, then blog it. You can get elaborate scrapbook-style, or even jot it down with your favorite pen. If you want, you don’t even have to make a book and you can just blog about the list topic (even though then it’s not really a book of lists, but that’s cool). My style is somewhere in the middle.

I just absolutely love this idea.  I’m a crafter.  I love lists.  Why not combine the two into a new project?  Sounds like the perfect plan for me.  Unfortunately I didn’t get to the posts until today…  The holidays have been rough on my blog reading.  At any rate, I’m jumping in.  I have a ton of journals and notebooks lying around the office.  I grabbed one, personalized it and started on my journey.  Here’s the notebook:


I chose a simple composition notebook with some pretty stripes.  Then I dove into my crafting supplies for some great stickers to add a title.  Simple but with a bit of flare, very me…


And now on to December’s list: wish list…  


I didn’t go overboard with stuff, but I just made a simple list of 17 things I am wishing for right now.  Some are creature comforts and some are more life related.  I think this sums me up nicely.

Next month: We’ll be posting on January 7 and the topic is “looking forward.” That could mean what you’re looking forward to, your goals for the year, or however else you interpret it.

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One response to “Book of Lists (I’m Late per Usual)

  1. Kathleen

    December 5, 2012 at 6:14 am

    I’m glad you’re participating! Number 17…awww. I’m with you on that one too. 🙂


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