Social Q’s by Philip Galanes

04 Dec Social Q’s: How to Survive the Quirks, Quandaries, and Quagmires of Today

Author: Philip Galanes

Publisher:  Simon and Schuster 2011

Genre:  Nonfiction — Etiquette

Pages: 259

Rating:  2 / 5 stars

Reading Challenges: Dewey — 390s; Fall into Reading; A to Z — Q

How I Got It: Library loan

A cornerstone of The New York Times’s Styles section, Philip Galanes confronts today’s most awkward and pressing questions with laugh-out-loud dish and practical wisdom. Not only about the new ways to thank a friend for throwing you a bridal shower, or how to deal with a noisy neighbor, but also how to navigate a new age crowded with Tweets, twits, OMGs, and WTFs, Social Q’s is a knockout book that will guide you swiftly through the treacherous terrain of modern etiquette—and keep you laughing for days.
I’ve decided that after reading this book, I am just not a fan of etiquette/advice books or columns.  I found most of his methods silly and most of the questions ridiculous.  Not a fan at all.
A to ZDewey Decimal System

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