The Sunday Salon #37

09 Dec

The Sunday

Listening To: Instead of the usual listening to, I wanted to highlight what we did last night.  J’s boss gave him two free tickets to Live 105’s Not So Silent Night.  Awesome seats!  We traveled up to Oakland, finally got into the arena and took our seats.  Because of crazy traffic, we missed seeing Imagine Dragons (I really do like them).  But we did see:

  • Grouplove — Decent live, but their songs are really hit or miss with me
  • Tegan and Sara — No real stage presence, but I love their music
  • Passion Pit — Horribly mixed sound, it just didn’t sound right at all
  • M83 — My second favorite band of the night… and I’ve only heard a little bit from them before this
  • The Killers! — OMG!  So much better live than I thought they would be.  A nice selection of old and new songs.  I loved them.

Here are some pictures: Grouplove, rest are The Killers

IMG_2848 IMG_2851 IMG_2858 IMG_2859

I posted a video of Tegan and Sara and two of The Killers on my Facebook page

Book finishedWith the no pressure Book Drunkard Readathon, I finished a ton of books this week!

  • Arthurian Romances
  • Note Quite What I was Planning
  • Chocolate
  • Social Q’s
  • The Boys Vol. 12
  • Words Words Words
  • Sprezzatura
  • Click
  • The History of Egypt

ReadingActive Liberty by Stephen Breyer

On the Nightstand: The Book Bash Club Readathon starts tomorrow.  I want to read at least five books this week to lessen my load for the trip back home.  I am focusing on reading physical books, so I can save my iPad reads for the planes.  I had tons of momentum reading last week, just hope I can keep it up for this coming week.

The White Pearl by Kate Furnivall, The Green Book, 350 Inspiring Ways to Decorate with the Color Blue, Minigami, Living History by Hillary Rodham Clinton

Making Lists: Christmas gifts still to buy (only a few left) and tentative packing list for my trip back to Indiana.

On the Web: Attempting to clean out my Google Reader, but actual reading keeps getting in the way.

Crafting: None this week, although I have a meet and greet today.  I also want to send out my Christmas cards this week.  And I need to make a few for my holiday card exchange buddies.  Plus, I told mom I would bring more love and romance cards for the shop when I return to Indiana.  I need to get those done.  Finally, I’m looking forward to my final stamp class of 2012 on Thursday.

Watching: Downtown Abbey S3 (yes, I have it early and it’s wonderful), White Collar S4 (caught up to the fall break), The West Wing S4 (slowly getting through this series), many cheesy Christmas movies (thank you ABC Family and Hallmark)

Wondering: Again, how am I going to pack all this crap in one suitcase?  (and leave room for returning presents?)

From Nature: A bit on the chilly side for the area (40 degrees waking up, up to low 60s), but still way better than the Midwest.

Shopping Scores: Nothing this week, although I am determined to get a decent purse before I leave for Indiana.  I need to make a Target run next week.  And maybe some skinny colorful pants?  And maybe a new lightweight sweater or dress?  Watching people at the concert last night, I was coveted some of the clothes I saw…

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