Packing for Vacation

18 Dec

Today I’ll be traveling back to Indiana.  The hardest part is always the packing of clothes.  How do I condense my crazy closet into a few easy, but fabulous outfits?  Plus, how do you deal with the changing weather?  I thought long and hard, and here’s what I figured out to pack.  (Minus the socks, underwear, and bras… nobody really needs to see those)

First up, the lounging and pajamas.  I went with one pair of flannel pj pants, one pair of heavier sweat pants, one lightweight short sleeve tee, and one lightweight long sleeve tee.  This way I can lounge without being cold but with light enough layers to sleep in.

I decided to change up my packing by adding two dresses this time, both brown based outfits.  I can layer the khaki  jersey dress with either a long sleeve purple turtleneck or a short sleeve magenta turtleneck.  Add in brown tights, cute two-tone brown mary janes, and 3/4 sleeve ruffled cardigan and I have a cute outfit.  Or I can wear the magenta high low dress with cardigan, tights, and heels.  Two cute different, yet warm outfits for dinners or family get togethers.

For the fancier events (I.e. New Year’s) or for bar visits, I went with two comfy but flashier outfits.  One pair of black stripe trouser jeans, pair of plain black pumps, one 3/4 sleeve black cardigan, and two sleeveless fancy tops (black, white, and gray snakeskin and pink ruffles).  Both adorable yet super comfy outfits.

IMG_2869 IMG_2870

For the extra cold days, I packed my denim trouser jeans, Converse, and a black v-neck sweater or 3/4 sleeve white henley with purple cardigan and scarf.  That purple cardigan is super comfy and warm.  Plus I can wear it with the shirts below.

More comfortable options for lounging days or shopping trips.  I packed my dark bootcut jeans, 3/4 turquoise tee, long sleeve purple “Believe” tee, and long sleeve foil reindeer and snowflake tee.  Obviously I can wear these with my Chucks, purple cardigan, and purple scarf.



Finally my plane outfit.  I plan on wearing my dark bootcut jeans, tshirt, Urban Outfitters old man sweater, black checked scarf, and fake combat boots.  This way I can layer for warmth or take off if I get hot.  And all those pieces are very comfortable.

Combined with a few key jewelry accessories and I have some super cute and interchangeable outfits.  Plus it all fits in my suitcase with room for Christmas presents to spare.  I imagine I will coming home with a few things.  I really want some dark skinny jeans to wear with my tall boots.  Not so bad for my first time really documenting my packing list.

After my vacation, I plan on posting some picture highlights.  Hopefully You’ll be able to see what I look like in these outfits…


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