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Title: Rebooting for the New Talent Economy

Author: Andrew Rosen

Publisher: Kaplan 2011

Genre: Nonfiction

Pages: 240

Rating:  4 /5 stars

Reading Challenges: Dewey — 370s

How I Got It: Library Loan

While low-income students can’t find a spot in their local community colleges for lack of funding, public four-year universities are spending staggering sums on luxurious residence halls, ever-bigger football stadiums, and obscure research institutes. We have cosseted our most advantaged students even as we deny access to the working adults who urgently need higher education to advance their careers and our economy. In Rebooting for the new talent economy Andrew S. Rosen clearly and entertainingly details how far the American higher education system has strayed from the goals of access, quality, affordability, and accountability that should characterize our system, and offers a prescription to restore American educational pre-eminence.

A bit of a departure from my Shakespeare and romance novels.  I was craving some thought provoking nonfiction, and I got it.  Although I mistakenly believed this book was aimed at K-12 education when I grabbed it, I came to really enjoy the examination of our nation’s higher education system.  Overall, I agreed with Rosen on the large issues at play in higher education: money allocation, focus on education, displaced interests.  We have gradually gotten away from education our next generation and focused on money, prestige, and image of colleges.  We need to take a hard look at our post secondary arena and determine what we really want.  What is the purpose of college?  If we need skilled students exiting into the new technological world, we aren’t fulfilling the need.  A very thought provoking book.

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Air Raid Fun with Lewis Black

Caution: This post is rated R for language.

U.S. History fans… remember the air raid drills from the 1950s.  Okay, so maybe you weren’t alive then (I wasn’t) but you can still read about it and find hilarity in this clip.  Hey my former students: makes you want to sing the “Duck and Cover” song with the Turtle…  Loving the little bit of fun today!

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Quote Wednesday — Dewey

“Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself.” — John Dewey

I have another blog, an education blog, a blog that I haven’t been on since February. And I feel really guilty because I love education. I loved teaching. I want to teach in the future. I love taking classes. I love being a student. I love everything about the idea of education. What I don’t love is how we interpret education. Why do we (collectively) make it so hard for anyone to love education for education, not for standards or grades or diplomas, but for the love of education, the learning, the knowledge. That’s what I love. If I had the money, I would be taking classes at the local college. Not for a diploma or any certification, but because I love learning new things. Maybe I would take an art class or an english class or even a science class if I went crazy. I constantly read books and blogs and magazines to learn more. I have a hungry brain. I want more, more, more. In essence, “education is life itself.” I need to to survive. Sure I could sustain my body with just food, water, and rest, but is that living? No, education, learning, striving, discovering… those are life.

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Quote Wednesday — Allen

“Just don’t take any class where you have to read Beowulf.” — Woody Allen

So I’ve entered 15 reading challenges for the year and may have gotten in over my head.  I am hoping that the challenges will help focus my reading.  I haven’t read much contemporary fiction in the past few years.  This year will be quite a change for me.  I have science fiction, young adult, fantasy, historical fiction, zombies, contemporary romance, and others.  It’s quite a mix of genres, but a lot of fiction from the last 50 years.

I have read Beowulf three times, and hated it three times.  I am a big fan of the “classics,” but this one I completely agree with Woody.  Those that people refer to as the “classics” can be overrated.  You need a little life in your reading.  If not, the joy of reading dies.  I recommend putting a book done if it just doesn’t speak to you.  I’ve done that twice this month already and expect to get at least one more book to add to the DNF list.  But that’s okay.  Not all books need to be read… and Beowulf is going on that list.

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