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The Sunday Salon #32

The Sunday

Listening To: I’ve made it to the Js in my review all the music we own.  Who knew there were so many J’s in our account?  Slowly slowly.  I did rediscover my love of Jimmy Eat World, especially Bleed American.

Book finishedBlackout, The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks, The Princess and the Hound, The Princess and the Bear

Reading: Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson

On the Nightstand: Girl from Junchow and Jewel of St. Petersburg by Kate Furnivall

Making Lists: Crafting projects.  I have tried to make a list of great crafting projects that I want to complete in the next few months.  Lots of great ideas!

On the Web: More and more GoogleReader posts.  I’ve found some great new non-book blogs to follow.  Too many cute project ideas and recipes!

Crafting: I continued with scrapbooking Spring Break.  It’s the project that never seems to end.  I still have at least 6 spreads for each kid’s scrapbook.  Eventually I will finish this.

Last Tuesday’s class: Fall Holiday projects.  If I still had a classroom, I would love to make these turkeys for students.  A perfect inexpensive but creative gift.  I like the tags, but won’t be buying them this year.  But my favorite has to be the Halloween card.  I love the idea of four different patterned papares as a background.  Too cute!

Sunday’s class: Stationary set.  This is such an easy and cute gift idea.  After whipping this out in no time, I decided that I needed to make more of these with some of my own supplies.

Wednesday’s meet and greet: Individual projects.  I made a set of Thanksgiving cards and started on some stationary sets.

Watching: We completely finished Sanctuary after watching the series off and on for years.  On the old show front, I watched The West Wing S2-S3 and Gossip Girl S5.  J got me hooked on Reaper, love it!  Plus we caught up on a ton of currently airing shows and started a few newer ones (Up All Night, Arrow, Comic Book Men)

From Nature: It’s been two weeks of up and down temperatures.  Rain has come and gone.  Sun has come and gone.  The weather reminds me a bit of the midwest.  Although the falling leaves contrast greatly with 80 degree temperatures.  Weird feeling.

Shopping Scores: I went a little shop crazy these past two weeks.  After trolling the local outlet mall, I only ended up buying five pieces.  The first two are from Banana Republic.  I must say that I’m really coming to love Banana Republic.  While I don’t have many places to wear BR clothing, they do have more causal pieces available than I thought they did.  The second piece is a great blue color (can’t tell from the picture).  The other three pieces are from Target, my store for everything.  The last one is a dress that I had been eyeing for awhile.  But I just didn’t want to pay full price.  It happened to be on clearance and I had to snap up the last large.  The dress is really flattering and cute.  I can’t wait to wear it.

I went shopping in Palo Alto with a friend on Thursday.  I didn’t pick anything up for myself, but I did get the boys four long sleeved shirts from the Gap.  Four shirts for $18, so exciting!  I also grabbed four cupcakes from Sprinkles: mocha, dark chocolate, smore, and lemon.  Yummy yummy!

Project: I started three large projects these past two weeks.  I kept going with my US History note consolidation.  I finished Chapter 5 this week and started trying to organize the Civil War chapters.  Unfortunately the Civil War folders are just out of control.  Slowly. slowly I’m getting through them.  I also continued my crazy apartment wide reduction.  I’m working on the office right now.  Getting there…  Finally I tried to reorganize my craft supplies.  I think it is a bit out of control.

Picture: Fun day out with Max and Melissa.  Here’s Max fascinated by the fountains.

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The Sunday Salon #31

The Sunday

Listening To: Lots of Mumford, Florence, and The Lumineers.  Basically this has been my soundtrack for the last few weeks.

Book finishedFeed and Deadline by Mira Grant

Reading: Blackout by Mira Grant (to finish my 24 zombie books challenge!)

On the Nightstand: Fairy tale books (I really want to push these through to finish the challenge)

Making Lists: Kitchen crap… I am trying to systematically clean out our cabinets by eating everything in them (don’t be scared, not at one time).  As such, I am trying to not buy a ton of new food.  So no grocery lists…  it’s killing me…

Crafting: Absolutely nothing.  I have been a bit distracted by headaches and tv shows.  I just didn’t get around to being inspired and crafting.

Watching: Finished Life Unexpected S2.  J and I finally caught up with a ton of currently airing shows.  My goodness that was a ton of shows, but good things.  Plus we watched a ton of movies.

Project: I started tutoring, but realized that my U.S. History folders were in shambles.  First, I had to rip apart my curriculum boxes.  Even then things are not where they should be.  So, I’ve been trying to put things back together in order.  I also didn’t complete my process of consolidating notes into one document before everything was packed.  I’m slowly working through those.  I spent 3 hours at the coffeehouse on Friday.  I didn’t even finish Chapter 4, but I got really really close.  This isn’t going to be a quick project, but it really needs to be done.  Especially if I keep tutoring.

Picture: A picture of the weather this week.  We’ve had cloudy skies, cooler temps, and even some rain.  It made me a bit homesick for the midwest.  Although I am looking forward to this week’s return to sunny skies and 70 degree weather.

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The Sunday Salon #30

The Sunday

Listening To: Lots of rediscovered music.  Currently loving Jack’s Mannequin, Ingrid Michaelson, and Howie Day.

Book finished: Because of the FrightFall Readathon, I plowed through a ton of books this week.  Getting close to wrapping up my Zombie Reading Challenge.  I read Sadie Walker is Stranded, Persuasion (on the iPad on the train), The First Days, Fighting to Survive, and Siege.

ReadingFeed by Mira Grant

On the Nightstand: Deadline and Blackout by Mira Grant (finishing my zombie challenge)

Making Lists: All things for my Thanksgiving vacation — things to pack, places to go back in Indiana, things to do with boys, things to buy there, etc.  What can I say?  I like to be prepared in advance.

Around the house: With J gone, not much has happened and I have managed to keep things picked up.  I call that a win.

From the kitchen: Absolutely nothing.  I have been eating like a college student these past two weeks.  No real meals…

On the Web: Enjoying my Google Reader.  Wrapping up the FrightFall Readathon today.  No much else.

Crafting:  Last Sunday I had a great candy and stamps class.  We made some cute candy holders for Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.  So many ideas!

On Wednesday, we had a small meet and greet.  We made cards for the Ronald McDonald House in San Jose.  Plus we had a ton of scraps to share with each other.  I picked up a smallish stack of some great new printed paper sheets.  The first card was the “official” meet and greet design.  I made the others using the rest of a sticker pack I had gotten last year.  I loved who the Birthday card with yellow floral background so much, I had to take it home instead of donating.  The other three were donated.

At home, I finished up a few Halloween cards.  The one with the cat was made last year at card class.  I figured I would finally send it away to someone.  This is it for Halloween…

Watching: I went on a bit of a series bender while J was away.  To be fair, he wouldn’t have watched most of these, so I feel like I’m not cheating.  I watched Parenthood S3, Revenge S1 (late to the party, but now I am hooked), and Life Unexpected S2 (finally finishing the series).  Plus I caught up on Glee, The Daily Show, and The Colbert Report.

Wondering: How it can be 90 degrees this week and yet leaves are falling from the trees?  Crazy contradiction.

From Nature: After consistant 75 degrees, it got up to 90 this week.  Of course that was the day I decided to travel up to San Francisco.  It was even 90 up there!  Currently it is back to the high 60s.  The huge temp swings make me feel like I’m back in the Midwest.

Shopping Scores: While in San Francisco, we window shopped in the Haight.  I found the perfect little gift for J at one of the book stores.  Shh!! Don’t tell!   I’ll have to head back to the Haight and go thrift store shopping soon.

Project: Slowly working through all my music to narrow it down to my 101 favorite songs.  This is way too hard…

Picture: Instead of one picture, here’s a few from my trip up to San Francisco on Tuesday…  I went a bit Instagram crazy with some of these.  Pictures: The Ferry Building, view of the bay from Ferry Building, inside the Ferry Building, two strollers with twelve total kids (crazy!), my traveling companions Melissa and Max, new construction on the bay, my cute shoes (although by the end of the day, not so comfortable), Sunnyvale Caltrain station (where I left home)

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The Sunday Salon #29

The Sunday

Listening To: A ton of new music including Mumford & Sons, Ben Folds Five, The Lumineers and Needtobreathe.  I keep putting those on repeat over and over again.  Plus I’ve restarted going through our entire music collection for my 101 favorite songs.  Done with the As through Cs.

Book finishedHarry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Reading: Persuasion by Jane Austen.  A quick read before my zombie week.

On the Nightstand: Zombie books for the FrightFall Readathon! (Newsflesh trllogy, As the World Dies trilogy, Sadie Walker is Stranded) 

Around the house: I got into a weird cleaning kick.  I dusted and vacuumed and organized.   I replaced the yucky old towels with new dark gray ones.  I finally hung some curtains in the bedroom.  The curtains look blue in this picture, but they’re a beautiful gray that works with the black, white, and red of the rest of the bedroom.  Now if only we could get around to framing and hanging the pictures, it might actually look like a real bedroom.

From the kitchen: Nothing interesting.  Since J is still gone until next Saturday, I am finding ways to eat meals with minimal cooking.

Crafting: So much crafting this week.  I’ve really gotten on a roll lately.  We had a 3D Christmas ornaments class on Tuesday.  Check these out…

Then on Wednesday, I went to another craft meet and greet.  Unfortunately we didn’t have a great turnout.  I did make this cute peacock inspired card.  Next time, I will definitely bring stuff to work on…

And at home, I got inspired to make some Valentine/Love themed cards.  I used a ton of scraps lying around.

Watching: I plowed through Gossip Girl S4 and Parenthood S2.  Unfortunately I will have to wait for GG S5 until the library or Netflix gets it.  Parenthood S3 is on Netflix instant queue, so that’s probably up next.  I grabbed some new Redbox movies (romantic movies) and have been watching some of my cheesy movies while J is away.

Wondering: Why have I not read like anything this week?  I am feeling a bit ashamed of myself.  I keep finding other things (movies, crafting, cleaning) to spend my time. Hopefully this is rectified with next week’s readathon…

From Nature: After cooler temps (60s), we’re back into the low to mid 80s.  Of course, it’s still sunny every day…

Shopping Scores: I sold some cds at Amazon, so I had a credit.  I snatched up Mira Grant’s Blackout, a moleskine journal, The Hunger Games dvd, and Iron Jawed Angels dvd (replacement for my scratched beyond use copy).  I already received the journal and book, just waiting on the movies…

Project: I’m right at the tail end of Bloggiesta, trying to get a few more things checked off of my list…

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The Sunday Salon #28

The Sunday

Last night, J left for Romania for a two week work trip.  (Part of the engineering team is in Cludj.)  So I am all alone for two weeks with not much to do.  I plan on reading a ton, applying for more jobs, do some crafting, and possibly go in to the city for a visit/exploring…  I’m really going to miss him.

Listening To: Rediscovering some cds.  My current faves are Relient K and Flogging Molly.  And I snatched the new Lumineers record from iTunes.  I love it!

Book finishedSlanted and Enchanted, Ten Discoveries that Rewrote History, On Target, Elisabeth Vigee Le Brun

ReadingHarry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

On the Nightstand: Historical fiction and fairy tales…  and zombies are lurking in the back for the FrightFall Readathon October 1-7.  And I’m heading off to the library book sale to see if I can find any elusive titles and possibly gifts for the boys…  It’s Sunday which means $5 bag sale!

Making Lists: Bloggiesta to dos and craft projects.  My Bloggiesta list is currently static (thank goodness).  I’m just waiting for Friday to dive in and get some things dones.

Around the house: After our fridge temper tantrums this past month, I really didn’t need anything else to go wrong.  But of course it did.  We woke up on Sunday to a a dripping ceiling…  A bubble was forming in the ceiling.  I contacted the office who said they would page maintenance.  The guy from upstairs informed me that his sink was leaking, but he hadn’t noticed until now.  I assume they fixed his sink as our ceiling stopped dripping.  But they never came to fix our ceiling, so we have a bubble that I hope isn’t filled with water.  Argh!  Just one more problem. Thank goodness we don’t own this place.

From the kitchen: I’ve been so lazy this week.  I made a giant pot of spaghetti and ate it most nights for dinner.  Blah!  I did make some scrumptious brownies for a pot luck last night.  According to the people at the party, they were a hit!

On the Web: I’m trying to get my GoogleReader unread down to 0, but it just keeps creeping back up.  And I don’t even read every post.  A clean-out of subscriptions is on the Bloggiesta list.

Crafting: I had two (yes two!) card classes this week.  Fun times!  Monday’s class was all about fall cards.

Saturday’s class was Christmas cards.  I especially love the gift card holder idea.  I will have to keep that in mind for the holiday season…

Plus, I finished the spring break family album.  That was a ton of pages.  Now I need to order a few more prints to start the boys’ spring break pages.  My next event/project is our move west.  We drove from Nebraska to California stopping in some crazy places.  Of course I have a ton of pictures to help me remember.

Watching: We finished Stargate Atlantis (really going to miss that show) and started Stargate Universe.  The change in tone is really something to get used to.  Universe is much darker and serious.  J says that they tried to copy Battlestar Galactica…  (I haven’t watched that one yet, so don’t know).  So far, I’m liking it, it’s just a different show than the other two Stargate series.  I also plowed through Gossip Girl S3 and started S4.  It’s my guilty pleasure show.  Unfortunately Netflix or the library doesn’t have S5.  I may have to wait.

Shopping Scores: My Amazon music trade-in went through so I now have a credit in my account.  I’m resisting the urge to spend to all now.  But I did buy a copy of Blackout by Mira Grant so I can read the Newsflesh trilogy during the FrightFall Readathon.

Project: Scrapbooking?  I really getting back into the rhythm and want to get mostly up to date.  One season behind is my goal.  I’m almost there…

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The Sunday Salon #27

The Sunday

Listening To: More forgotten cds…  almost completed the upload.

Book finishedAt the Queen’s Summons; The Lost Millennium;

ReadingSlanted and Enchanted by Kaya Oakes

On the Nightstand: Ten Discoveries that Rewrote History; On Target

Making Lists: Bloggiesta to do list.  I am up to 14 items and holding steady.  I don’t think I will be adding anything else to the list.

Around the house:  Our fridge has another of its mini temper tantrums complete with crazy sounds and a drop in cooling.  The maintenance men came and did something again.  The fridge started working, but I have little faith that this won’t happen again.

From the kitchen: Nothing interesting.  I ate a ton of random leftovers and small meals.

On the Web: Found some new wonderful blogs to follow.  My Google Reader is up to 396 subscriptions!  (Number #12 on my Bloggiesta list)

Farmer’s Market Finds: See yesterday’s post for a complete rundown.

Crafting: Crafty madness this week!  I scrapped a ton catching our books up to Spring Break 2012.  I ordered the prints and am just waiting for the delivery.  Plus I completed a crap ton of bookmarks for giveaways and friends.

Watching: We finished Stargate Atlantis S4 and started S5.  Plus I caught up on Grimm.  I grabbed Gossip Girl S3 and S4 from the library.

Wondering: When this cold will go away?  It’s been a week I’m over it!

Shopping Scores: I got a deal on prints from Walgreens and I went on a bit of Michael’s crafting supply spree.  I got a ton of supplies and items for Christmas gifts.  I traveled over to Old Navy and finally bought some new jeans that fit.

Project: Crafting, crafting, and more crafting 

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The Sunday Salon #26

The Sunday

Listening To: The last of my cds being put onto the server.  Lots and lots of music to enjoy.  Now I can get rid of another huge box.  Plus, I sold some of my cds to Amazon.

Book finishedLiberty Defined; King Lear; The Maiden’s Hand — Slower week, but good page count.  950 for the week.

Reading: At the Queen’s Summons

On the Nightstand: Shakespeare, HP7,  and nonfiction from the library

Making Lists: Bloggiesta to do list.  I am finally joining in the fun this year.  I have a growing list (14 at last count) of housekeeping projects for my blog and books.

Around the house: I was struck down with a nasty cold this weekend, so not much is getting down.   I had wanted to clean and organize, but no energy.  Instead J and I watched a ton of West Wing.

On the Web: Remember the FrightFall Readathon is coming October 1-7.  Come and join the fun!

Crafting: During the week I caught up my scrapbooking just a bit more.  We’re to Spring 2012!  I need to print our spring break photos before I can complete the next phase.  I’m also debating about whether to put those in a separate album combined with my westward journey photos.  Hmmm…  decisions decisions.

I had signed up for a meet and greet card class today, but with my cold I decided to cancel.  I think the other ladies will appreciate not getting infected today.  Thankfully I have a class the week after next to look forward to.

Watching: J got me hooked on The West Wing.  We’re already in season 2.  I caught up on The Daily Show and Colbert Report’s coverage of the RNC and DNC.  I am losing hope for our country…  I’ve also been watching Grimm, trying to catch up to the current season.  I like the play on old fairy tales.  Finally, we acquired the DW season premiere, Asylum of the Daleks.  OMG that was good.  And now we have a whole season to look forward too…

Wondering: If Oswin Oswald will show up again, or just the actress playing a new character for the Christmas special?  (Doctor Who question)

Shopping Scores: While J was in Seattle meeting with Microsoft, I decided to go and browse at Barnes and Noble.  I’ve been trying to avoid bookstores, because I always go a little nuts.  I somehow managed to walk out with only one book, Sadie Walker is Stranded, that  I have been craving for awhile.  It will make an appearance during the FrightFall Readathon as I am doing an all zombie readathon.

I also embarked on the adventure that is buying plane tickets this week.  After perusing the sites, I found a flight for $570 flying San Jose to Fort Wayne.  Many other airlines were charging $740+.  I got excited, whipped out the credit card, entered tons of info, and hit buy.  Nothing happened.  An error message popped up saying they couldn’t complete my order.  Bummer!  I happened to be on Travelocity and hit the “flexible dates” button just to see what happened.  If I flew out of Fort Wayne a day later, I could get a ticket for $400.  Sold!  Thankfully this time it worked and I now have my tickets for Thanksgiving.  I’ll be there a few days before and a fews days after the boys get out of school, so I can help with the flower shop or hang out with old friends.

Project: I’m getting closer and closer to completing my Christmas cards.  Now I’ve started to think about gifts…


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