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Quote Wednesday — Kostova

“When you handle books all day long, every new one is a friend and a temptation.”
Elizabeth Kostova- The Historian

Last week, I had a question about the definition of a friend.  Patrick gave me some really great things to think about, but overall I am still struggling with this idea.

This week, I turned back to my books for comfort.  Things are progressing, but I have so much on my plate right now.  I am overwhelmed.  I need a good friend to turn to.  Unfortunately, many of the people I know are also crazy busy.  SO I turn back to books.  I’ve always found a friend in books.  They come into my world, give me comfort, share their struggles, sometimes have happy endings, and generally fill my life.  I was an only child, often found somewhere curled up with a book.  I filled my days, especially during winter, with reading.  I read and read and read some more.  Every week my dad would take me to the bookstore and we’d pick out something new.  We went the library constantly.  I loved skimming the covers and grabbing something that caught my eye.  Sure, I had human friends.  But there’s just something so wonderful in a book.  They talk back, but don’t put you down.  They cry with you instead of at you.  They laugh along with your funnies.  They are the perfect friends in many ways.

Resolution of the week: Until my life calms down a bit.  Until I can figure out who my real friends are.  Until I meet new people.  Until I can feel comfortable in my own skin.  I am going to rely on books.  Sounds like a great plan.  And I’ve got some new ones just waiting to make my acquaintance.

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Quote Wednesday — Emerson

“A Friend may well be reckoned the masterpiece of Nature.” — Ralph Waldo Emerson

Just a little question for today: How do you define a friend? Cause I am struggling with this concept right now and need some help.


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Quote Wednesday – Peterson

All through the day we inadvertently speak words that enter people’s lives and change them in minor or major ways and we never know it. — Eugene Peterson

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about words of encouragement.  I’ve been getting some from various people.  But I’ve come to realize that what makes the difference is having the person right there with you.  It’s one thing for someone to send an email or a card.  Nice written words, but you don’t get to hear the emotion.  It’s one to hear someone’s voice.  The emotion can be heard, the tone of voice important, but you don’t get the physical connection.  There’s another thing all together to have a person sit by you, offering words of encouragement and maybe a hug.  The undivided attention is what really affects us.  We need to feel that human connection.  In a world of instant communication by email, phone, etc., we often trade the physical for convenience.  I want to hear people and see people and most importantly touch people.  Today, offer someone words of encouragement.  Do it in person and be sincere.  It just might save a life.

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You know that one friend you have.  The one that it seems like you’ve been friends forever (even though it probably isn’t that long).  The one that you could never be truly mad at.  The one that knows exactly what you’re feeling even before you do.  The one that always understands your crazy conversations.  The one that’s almost psychic.  The one that buys you the best birthday and Christmas presents.  The one that knows all your secrets and loves you anyway.  That’s your soulmate.

I have one, have had one for ~14 years.  B is my soulmate.  The one who completes me.  Everything I need in a friend.  And I wouldn’t give her up for the world.

Who’s your soulmate?

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Highlight of the Week — Birthday Madness

Wednesday was B’s birthday.  And of course, we had to do her birthday up right.  Wednesday we went to four places, enjoying good drinks, great food, and amazing friends.  Best part of the night: karaoke… specifically B and A’s duet.  Who knew sister’s could pull off that song?  I guess B and A can!

Then Friday, an extra celebration night with the boys.  Best part of the night: “Don’t let her lie to you, she’s single.”  Hee hee.  Fun with microphones is always best when not targeted at you.

Finally, Saturday, another extra celebration with some real cowboys.  Best part of the night: awkward birthday song on the stage.  Who knew the words were so different?  Not me, that’s who.

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Highlight of the Week — Firefly Conversations and HP!

Usually I pick one highlight of the week, but this week I just couldn’t choose.  So I’m choosing two highlights of the week!

Firefly Conversations

Taken by Luigi Diamanti


I spend most days at Firefly, a local coffee shop.  I’m there so often, I’ve officially become a regular.  The baristas know me by sight if not by name.  I’ve had conversations with many of the other regular patrons.  The owner even stops to chat a minute almost every time I see her.  Overall, it’s a great homey spot.  I love the decor, the coffee’s good, the music’s usually good (except last week’s classic lite rock debacle), and the conversations are always great.

Some days it’s just me.  Others the bf joins to work on his real job.  And then there are those days when a good “mom” friend and the bff join.  Those are the days that get out of control, but are always awesome.  This past week was no different.

On Wednesday, the bf, bff, and “mom” friend all joined at the Firefly.  We chatted about this and that, but then our conversation turned very weird.  I was looking through for Christmas Present ideas, when I ran across the most amazing shirt ever.  In medieval looking script it said, “Huge tracts of land.”  For those of you not up on your Monty Python, in Monty Python and the Holy Grail there’s a great scene of a dad and his son.  The son has been betrothed, but “just wants to dance.”  The dad is trying to sell the son on the marriage.  In describing the betrothed, he comments that she has “huge tracts of land.”  He is referring to her land, but says it by pantomiming large breasts.  It is priceless.  The skit goes on for a few minutes like that.

Of course, the bff, “mom” friend, and I are huge fans of Monty Python and immediately started laughing.  The “mom” friend commented that her husband would love that shirt as she has “huge tracts of land.”  The bff looked chestward sadly and commented, “I don’t have ‘huge tracts’ so can mine say ‘Medium tracts of land.’ Or how about ‘.567 acres assessed?’  And add ‘a spacious backyard.'”  I was laughing so hard, I could hardly catch my breath.  Even the guy sitting at the next table, was laughing with us.  Or was it at us?  At any rate, we had a great laugh.  For the rest of the time there, we kept sliding the comments back into casual conversation.  I was laughing for the rest of my time at the coffeehouse.

It’s days like Wednesday that make me realize how much I appreciate my friends.  They are there for me in good times and bad.  They make me laugh to the point of almost peeing my pants.  But most importantly, they “get” me, weirdness and all.

*I must get that shirt now!  It’s too good not to.

Harry Potter

I have been waiting for the first part of the finale for months.  Of course I had to go to the midnight showing.  And of course, I loved it!

Midnight showings are a tradition.  Starting last school year, some of my students and I and sometimes some other teachers would attend midnight premieres of movies.  We always arrive sometime around 9 and then… wait for 3 hours.  We could just go see the movie on Friday night, but where’s the fun in that? Sometimes we have four people attend, sometimes we have ten people.  Whatever the attendance, it’s always a good time.  We stock up on candy and drinks, sometimes get popcorn, and make sure to throw a deck of cards into our purse before leaving.

Last night was no different.  I had an array of candy and drinks, the bf bought popcorn, and we had UNO to entertain until the movie.  Usually they let the audience into the theater sometime around 11:30, but because the crowd was large, we were let in at 10.  So we moved into the theater, grabbed our regular seats (row behind the railing), and then… waited.  We joked around, saw people we knew, and act a ridiculous amount of snacks.  Finally it was 10 minutes before midnight.  Cue the pre-movie pee to make sure our bladders are empty for no interruptions during the movie.

The previews began:  A great one for Tron, one for The Green Hornet, another for The Green Lantern, and one or two that I can’t remember.  I plan definitely to see those three movies.

And then the actual movie started: Awesome!  Slower movie, but remember this is part 1 of the finale.  In many ways it was setting up for the big battles.  I loved the quiet moments; in between times of reflection or conversations.  The characters have definitely grown over the short break between the stories.  I see them developing into who they will be after.  I loved the action sequences.  The scene in Godric’s Hollow was creepy on-screen.  I even think I jumped a bit, even though I knew what was coming.  The sets were on an epic scale.  It was great!  I loved every minute of it.  It didn’t drag at all.  I was awake and paid attention the entire time.

I can not wait until July!!!!  I smell another midnight premiere on the schedule.

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