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Year End Break

It’s that time of year, when I leave the blogosphere for a few weeks.  I love taking this time to decompress, organize, reflect, and plan ahead.  I will also be updating my columns to reflect upcoming events and 2013 reading challenges.  If you happen to log on during this process, it might look a bit messy, but rest assured it will be fixed by the first week in January.  Plus I’m in freezing Indiana with the family.  I want to spend time curling up with a mug of tea, a few cookies, and the boys while watching a movie.  I’ll be back after the first of the year (tenatively Jan. 6th…)  To everyone out there reading my blog, if I don’t see you in person…

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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Packing for Vacation

Today I’ll be traveling back to Indiana.  The hardest part is always the packing of clothes.  How do I condense my crazy closet into a few easy, but fabulous outfits?  Plus, how do you deal with the changing weather?  I thought long and hard, and here’s what I figured out to pack.  (Minus the socks, underwear, and bras… nobody really needs to see those)

First up, the lounging and pajamas.  I went with one pair of flannel pj pants, one pair of heavier sweat pants, one lightweight short sleeve tee, and one lightweight long sleeve tee.  This way I can lounge without being cold but with light enough layers to sleep in.

I decided to change up my packing by adding two dresses this time, both brown based outfits.  I can layer the khaki  jersey dress with either a long sleeve purple turtleneck or a short sleeve magenta turtleneck.  Add in brown tights, cute two-tone brown mary janes, and 3/4 sleeve ruffled cardigan and I have a cute outfit.  Or I can wear the magenta high low dress with cardigan, tights, and heels.  Two cute different, yet warm outfits for dinners or family get togethers.

For the fancier events (I.e. New Year’s) or for bar visits, I went with two comfy but flashier outfits.  One pair of black stripe trouser jeans, pair of plain black pumps, one 3/4 sleeve black cardigan, and two sleeveless fancy tops (black, white, and gray snakeskin and pink ruffles).  Both adorable yet super comfy outfits.

IMG_2869 IMG_2870

For the extra cold days, I packed my denim trouser jeans, Converse, and a black v-neck sweater or 3/4 sleeve white henley with purple cardigan and scarf.  That purple cardigan is super comfy and warm.  Plus I can wear it with the shirts below.

More comfortable options for lounging days or shopping trips.  I packed my dark bootcut jeans, 3/4 turquoise tee, long sleeve purple “Believe” tee, and long sleeve foil reindeer and snowflake tee.  Obviously I can wear these with my Chucks, purple cardigan, and purple scarf.



Finally my plane outfit.  I plan on wearing my dark bootcut jeans, tshirt, Urban Outfitters old man sweater, black checked scarf, and fake combat boots.  This way I can layer for warmth or take off if I get hot.  And all those pieces are very comfortable.

Combined with a few key jewelry accessories and I have some super cute and interchangeable outfits.  Plus it all fits in my suitcase with room for Christmas presents to spare.  I imagine I will coming home with a few things.  I really want some dark skinny jeans to wear with my tall boots.  Not so bad for my first time really documenting my packing list.

After my vacation, I plan on posting some picture highlights.  Hopefully You’ll be able to see what I look like in these outfits…


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Book of Lists (I’m Late per Usual)

I ran across this idea on At Random, I followed her links to Kapachino’s original post:

Because I’m suuuper original I’m calling it the Book of Lists because that is essentially what it will be. Just get yourself a book – make a minibook out of chipboard and binder rings like I did or grab a blank journal, a spiral notebook, scrapbook, anything of the sort – make sure it has some empty pages, and you’re ready to go.

Every month there will be a topic for a list, and the object is to craft it on a blank page, take a photo of your list, then blog it. You can get elaborate scrapbook-style, or even jot it down with your favorite pen. If you want, you don’t even have to make a book and you can just blog about the list topic (even though then it’s not really a book of lists, but that’s cool). My style is somewhere in the middle.

I just absolutely love this idea.  I’m a crafter.  I love lists.  Why not combine the two into a new project?  Sounds like the perfect plan for me.  Unfortunately I didn’t get to the posts until today…  The holidays have been rough on my blog reading.  At any rate, I’m jumping in.  I have a ton of journals and notebooks lying around the office.  I grabbed one, personalized it and started on my journey.  Here’s the notebook:


I chose a simple composition notebook with some pretty stripes.  Then I dove into my crafting supplies for some great stickers to add a title.  Simple but with a bit of flare, very me…


And now on to December’s list: wish list…  


I didn’t go overboard with stuff, but I just made a simple list of 17 things I am wishing for right now.  Some are creature comforts and some are more life related.  I think this sums me up nicely.

Next month: We’ll be posting on January 7 and the topic is “looking forward.” That could mean what you’re looking forward to, your goals for the year, or however else you interpret it.

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Black Friday Shopping

Remember the time years ago when you would faithfully make a Christmas list.  For me, I loved going through the Sears catalog circling the items I wanted.  My boys love doing that to the Toys R Us catalog.  At some point, all of us stop making Christmas lists.  At least we stop writing them down.  Well I am reviving the tradition.  I’m making a Christmas wish list and it can be found on Amazon.  Just search for my name. *Hint hint*

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It’s Turkey Day!

For all you Thanksgiving families out there, Enjoy your day!  Eat some great food!  Give thanks for all you have.  I know I will…

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Book Bloggers Holiday Card Exchange

Book Bloggers Holiday Card Exchange

Care to join me?  Click the picture above!

This year, the Book Bloggers Holiday Card Exchange is organised by me at Leeswammes’ Blog and by Courtney of Stiletto Storytime. Anastasia of Birdbrain(ed) Book Blog has passed the baton on to us. Anastasia is the originator and ran this very popular event for two years. Courtney and I were sorry to hear Anastasia wasn’t running it this year, so we’re very pleased she allowed us to take over. As we’re a little late announcing this event we’re more or less taking Anastasia’s text from last year, with her permission (thank you so much, Anastasia!).

The Book Bloggers Holiday Card Exchange is an event in which book bloggers send each other a holiday card around the Christmas period (the end of December). This isn’t just for people that celebrate Christmas, though! Everyone is can join in the fun.


1. Sign up for the exchange by November 30, 2012.

2. Emails with partner info go out December 3, 2012 (please check your spam folder if you didn’t get the email, then contact us).

3. You have until December 13, 2012 to send your card(s).

4. Since it’s a book-lovers card exchange you have to include something book-related in your card. Some ideas:

  • Write about a book you’ve read recently.
  • Give a few book recommendations to your partner.
  • Tell a book-related story.
  • Something else book-related that you think up yourself.

5. Since this is a book blogger holiday card exchange, you need to be a blogger who blogs at least sometimes about books to participate.

6. The swap is open internationally. It’s too cumbersome trying to pair up people who do/do not want to send internationally, so everyone must be willing to send internationally.

7. You can exchange up to five cards. You won’t always get a card from the same people you send your cards to. It will nevertheless be an awesome thing.

Some Things to Remember

1. You HAVE to send a card. A card is something like this. You can make it yourself or buy it at the store. Everything you write must be contained in the card itself. Letters are not cards. The card doesn’t have to be book-themed OR holiday themed (but it might be nice if it was). We suggest you refrain from sending specifically religious-themed cards, because that sort of thing tends to offend people, even if you didn’t mean to offend them.

2. You HAVE to write something book-related in your card (see above). You can’t just say “happy holidays.” You COULD just write a list of books and that’s all, but I don’t think that’d be a lot of fun, do you?

3. You DON’T have to send anything else but the card, but if you want to stick in something else that’d be fine. A bookmark, for instance, would be really nice. Whatever you send: it has to be flat enough to fit in the envelope– no upgrading into package territory, here.

4. The most you should spend is $5. The point of the exchange is that it’s cheap enough for us money-less people to participate in, so everything should cost $5 and under. I don’t know if you can even buy a card that costs more than $5. Can you?

Oh, and the Twitter hashtag is #bkcardex.

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I’m heading east to the cold…

I’m off to Indiana to see the family for the holiday season.  I’m sure there will be lots of food, lots of laughs, and lots of flowers (in the shop).  I’m excited to see everyone, especially the boys, but hesitant about the cold.  I think I’m acclimating to North California weather and this will be a shock to the system.  I’m packing tons of layers, basically whatever’s left of my winter wardrobe and hoping for moderate temps.  If you are traveling, be safe!

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