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Ornament Exchange Thank You

I signed up for The Reading Fever’s Ornament Exchange this year.  I love all these gift exchanges this time of the year.  I received Diana @ Book Adventures for my partner.  And she sent me a most awesome ornament.

Does anyone recognize this awesome image?   It’s from one of my favorite books: The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams!  This ornament has earned a respected place on my Christmas tree.  Thanks Diana!


Thanks again Diana!

P.S. She wrote me a nice thank you post on her blog.  Check it out here


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Book of Lists (I’m Late per Usual)

I ran across this idea on At Random, I followed her links to Kapachino’s original post:

Because I’m suuuper original I’m calling it the Book of Lists because that is essentially what it will be. Just get yourself a book – make a minibook out of chipboard and binder rings like I did or grab a blank journal, a spiral notebook, scrapbook, anything of the sort – make sure it has some empty pages, and you’re ready to go.

Every month there will be a topic for a list, and the object is to craft it on a blank page, take a photo of your list, then blog it. You can get elaborate scrapbook-style, or even jot it down with your favorite pen. If you want, you don’t even have to make a book and you can just blog about the list topic (even though then it’s not really a book of lists, but that’s cool). My style is somewhere in the middle.

I just absolutely love this idea.  I’m a crafter.  I love lists.  Why not combine the two into a new project?  Sounds like the perfect plan for me.  Unfortunately I didn’t get to the posts until today…  The holidays have been rough on my blog reading.  At any rate, I’m jumping in.  I have a ton of journals and notebooks lying around the office.  I grabbed one, personalized it and started on my journey.  Here’s the notebook:


I chose a simple composition notebook with some pretty stripes.  Then I dove into my crafting supplies for some great stickers to add a title.  Simple but with a bit of flare, very me…


And now on to December’s list: wish list…  


I didn’t go overboard with stuff, but I just made a simple list of 17 things I am wishing for right now.  Some are creature comforts and some are more life related.  I think this sums me up nicely.

Next month: We’ll be posting on January 7 and the topic is “looking forward.” That could mean what you’re looking forward to, your goals for the year, or however else you interpret it.

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Bookmark Love

For whatever reason, this week I have been a crafting maniac…  This maybe because I am getting excited for the holidays.  I got this crazy idea in my head to make handmade cards for Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.  Plus I wanted to make some homemade gifts for some of my family and friends. To be fair, last year I made over 100 homemade cards for family, friends, and coworkers.  This year I have only aimed for ~40 cards for Christmas.  That’s less, but I feel like the other projects will make up for the time saved.

I found myself at Michael’s the other day loading up on some supplies.  They had a great deal on albums and paper stacks.  I just can’t help myself when I enter that (or any) craft store.  I get all these great ideas and inspirations.  I want to try everything.  Thankfully I limit myself to a few projects at a time.  Currently I have al but finished my Christmas cards.  On to the next projects…

Bookmarks!  I made a batch of bookmarks last year to include in my book giveaways.  I wanted to do that again (October giveaway is coming…)  and I wanted to make some bookmarks for friends and family.  What reader doesn’t love a good bookmark.  The best part is that making bookmarks allows me to use a ton of scraps laying around my crafting area.  All those small paper pieces that would look silly on a 12×12 scrapbook page can add just the right amount of flourish to a bookmark.  Check out my new creations!




I think my personal favorite is the the middle one in the third picture.  I love the blues and greens (even if my favorite color is purple) and the silver letters “read daily” and blue ribbon just tie the entire design together.  See any you like?


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Quote Wednesday – Michelangelo

I saw the angel in the marble and I just chiseled till I set him free. — Michelangelo

Created in 1494-1495, this marble statue resides in the Basilica of San Domenico, Bologna.

I love the simplicity of Michelangelo’s quote.  He saw the beauty that could be and created it.  There was no divine intervention, no long drawn out artistic speech.  He saw, he did.  Beside the fact that he had such great talent, I envy Michelangelo in his simple outlook.  When I want to create, I obsess.  I think about what I want to do, how to do it, where I could go wrong.  I don’t just create.  I need to focus on my crafting techniques.  I want to just do.  And however it comes out, it is.  I won’t obsess over perfection.  I am sure that Michelangelo had many pieces left unfinished.  We see only the greatness of his work.  But I want to not be shamed by the unfinished, the imperfect.  I want to create.  And if I create something beautiful, I want to revel in its beauty without boasting.  Wish me luck…

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Card Making Fun!

I went to my first official class as member of the Bellevue Stampers!  I am so excited about being a part of the club.  We have a nice small group of six people and everyone is so nice.  They might be a bit older than me, but they’re lovely ladies.  

This week we made another three cards. First up was a pretty fallish card with falling leaves.  I am so bad when it comes to ideas that I didn’t even think of using a simple stencil to make the circles of colors.  It’s such a nice, clean design.  I’m thinking about using this idea for Christmas cards (ornaments?).  Second, we made a cute Halloween card.  Unfortunately, I don’t send cards for Halloween (or haven’t in the past), so I don’t know if I’ll be making this again.  But I do like the layering of paper and patterns.  You can’t really tell from the photo, but the black paper is embossed with a spider web.  Very cute effect up close.  Finally, we tackled our technic card.  The background card is embossed with grass.  The white piece was then embossed clear with a grass and butterfly stamp.  We then mixed ink into a swirly design in a layer of shaving cream, plopped the card facedown, and then wiped the excess off.  Of all the cards, mine had the darkest colors.  But I love it all the more for it!  It created a beautiful tie dye pattern under the grass and butterfly.  To finish we add a vellum punched out butterfly with small beads.  I love this card!  We all remarked that while it was messy to do one, we could fill a shallow baking sheet with shaving cream and do many at one time.  This card could work well for birthdays, sympathy, Mother’s Day, thank yous, or get well.  I love how versatile it is.

I made my first order through Stampin’ Up.  It’s due to arrive sometime early next week.  I’m thinking that I should start thinking about Christmas cards.  What colors do I want?  Any particular stamps/designs I want?  What about techniques?  So many possibilities…


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Crafty Crafty Me

It’s been a bit boring around here without the boys.  I don’t have much to fill up my day yet, so I started to look around… what could I do?  What do I enjoy doing?  What should I be doing?  Of course, I take care of a lot of the random household stuff right now (still unpacking, organizing, getting rid of stuff).  Plus I read, look for a job, blog, etc.  But I needed more.

And I found something!  Stampin’ Up!  There’s a Stampin’ Up club here in Omaha that meets once a month to make some projects.  I decided to check it out.  And I’m glad I did.  I had so much fun.  Everyone gets one free class and then can either pay per month for the class or join the club to get member perks.  We made three cards.

I especially loved the purple one!  It’s my favorite color.  And I needed a birthday card for my grandmother for Saturday and her favorite color is purple.  Perfect!!!!!  The fall colors card would be great for a birthday or Father’s Day or Thanksgiving or lots of other things.  And while I don’t love the design of the last one, I did get to learn how to emboss.  I’ve always wanted to try it for scrapbooking, but couldn’t see where it would fit.

After the class was over, I talked to the demonstrator about the club (how it works, etc.)  and we ended up talking for almost two hours.  It was a lot of fun.  Before I left, I decided to join!  At least for the next six months, I have somewhere to be for one night a month.  Card making!!!!  And all you friends out there, watch out for some homemade cards coming your way!

Now that I found one thing, time to find another…. I’m leaning towards some academics…

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